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christmasssss bitchesssss

-A really cute pink and black polka-dot bathrobe
-A blue and gray striped cardigan
-A gray cable-knit cardigan (from my grandma)
-A Pens shirt fuck yessss I bought it for myself
-A pair of black moccasin-type shoes
-Two pairs of earmuffs (one with headphones)
-A star necklace
-A $25 Best Buy gift card
-A $25 American Eagle gift card



This just goes to show, kids! Even when you go out of your comfort zone and try to interact with people despite being fucking terrified of any social interaction, they'll still think you're creepy and weird and don't want to be your roommate.

Fuck this shit. I'm focusing on my studies. And going to Canada. I don't need friends when I can talk to Canadians in French.

Next year I want a single. I need my own fucking room.

Nov. 21st, 2010

I had the strangest dream last night

so I was reading Hanna and apparently Tessa decided to take on the Andrew Hussie model of updates

so I would refresh the page and there would be a new update and shit would be animated

and I don't remember what was happening in the plot but it seemed like they were in a restaurant or something and everybody was getting possessed except zombie

it was beautiful but completely unrealistic

but haha an MSPA version of Hanna would be wonderful
"Your name is...well, you DON'T REMEMBER IT. You don't remember ANYTHING from your life. You are KIND OF DEAD and you climbed out of your grave to WANDER THE WORLD. Now you're bored, so you're looking for this person named HANNA FALK CROSS, a girl's name if you've ever heard one."

also last night I watched Scott Pilgrim again with Rushelle! we went to the Yule Ball first but it sucked so we left. she really liked the movie though.
"once you were a ve-gone. now you'll be gone."

and then drunk people sat outside my room and I could not leave
stuck, in a sense which possibly borders on the titular
they were pretty hilarious to listen to though
"did Fiona draw that? I love her. she's so nice and innocent..."
"everyone - Sarah. like, everyone really likes you."

my cursed blood is your cursed blood

today was pretty much the worst day ever.


no seriously. not a single solitary fuck was given.

i'm so fucking sick of this endfair shit. i wish i had never run in the first place. then people who were actually competent could be in charge of it and i could, oh i don't know, go do french or something. because that's the only thing i'm good at. and i'm not even good at it! i should go become a hipster or something so then at least i can feel important even though i'm completely useless.

anyway now that i am beginning my metamorphosis into a disgusting hipster i spend most of my time over in the tumblosphere
oh a homestuck reference how CLEVER i am the wittiest person you will ever meet
too bad eridan never even says that

hey stupid_laura why don't you go fall in a ditch or something
yeah sure ok

let's do this 4chan style

>possible Broadway revival of Evita in 2012
>my favorite musical ever
>"Elena Roger will play the title role, with Ricky Martin as Che"
>Ricky Martin as Che

oh yeah and I got an iPhone
So I had another weird dream last night, about Twilight. In it, Edward returned from some mysterious vampire trip thing and he and Bella got married. It was not elaborate at all, except for there were a fuckload of books everywhere as decoration. After the wedding, Bella went back to her dad's house for some reason and was all "OH MAN I got to update my facebook so it says 'married to Edward Cullen'". Then one of her mom's friends called her and was like "omg Bella you got married?! What does he look like? What color hair does he have?" Bella's all copper, bronze, shining perfect Adonis color but eventually she just responded "...red."

It was hilarious.

I need a "weird-ass dreams" tag.


El Corazon, Seattle, WA, 10/6/10

Go-Getter Greg
Hum Along
Drunken Lament
Too Tired to Wink
Lake Pontchartrain
Rotten Town
Broken Bride
Whipped Cream
The Horror of Our Love
Anything for You
Save Our City
Good Will Hunting By Myself
Love Me Dead (acoustic singalong)
Encore: Girls on Trampolines

"Honey? Shut the fuck up."


I have so many regrets already and I've barely even lived.

here is the very sad story of my life

Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted Students: An Underserved Population

hey so this post actually means something and you should read itCollapse )

If you want to read a book about the hardships of being gifted that is also made of awesome and funny, I highly recommend An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. It's pretty much excellent anyway. John Green is an amazing writer. Although how Colin managed to get nineteen girlfriends is beyond me.

And I don't mean for this post to come across as bragging or "OMG LOOK AT ME I AM SO SMRT". It's just...this has been my experience in almost twenty years of life.

I'll probably come back to this post in an hour and realize how rambling and disjointed it is. D;

Sep. 25th, 2010




(right across the street from party hearty clown town.)


christmas: lights
liike two dude2 on doublebutler ii2land

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