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my sister and i are now crazy for the book of mormon musical and we were listening to "two by two" earlier today

and when it gets to the part where the guy says "elders, form a line and step forward when your name is called"
my sister busts out with "elders.......FORM YOUR CIRCLE!"
(which is a reference to rainbow/our state's grand assembly)

and it's pretty much the most hilarious thing ever to us
but the joke hinges on familiarity with two things that have very little overlap
so pretty much no one else but her and i will ever understand it

i never post here anymore

haha holy shit

okay so i am a big loser who makes maps on google maps of important places for my characters

and right now i'm making ones for good old cora and trixie

and i've got like cora's childhood house (some random house in quebec) and the catholic schools she went to, so quebec is pretty much covered

so i'm starting on her new york adventures and the first thing i do is find a barnes and noble on the upper west side because that's where she first met marcus and lucas and she took them to her apartment from there so it has to be within a couple of blocks

so i click on a random street not too far from the barnes and noble i picked and on that street

on that street is a french immersion school

and it's nothing but a weird coincidence but i think it's pretty fucking hilarious

she would totally live there just because of that school

oh coralie lafontaine, you crazy bitch

(if you want to follow me somewhere where i actually post, my tumblr is drmrsthemonarch, i am pretty much on there all times now)
so i finished the third season of the venture bros last night (because i am a loser who does things out of order and i can't find the second season anywhere)

this may be the greatest show ever created by humans and i'm not even being hyperbolic

lol spoilers, lots of pictures, also a little nsfw but in a hilarious wayCollapse )

so yeah go watch the venture bros

season one is streaming in various places online and then you will get addicted and buy all the dvds

holy shit i have been so fucking social lately it is insane

or at least, social for me

i ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner with people on friday! or was it thursday. i forget. anyway i never do that

and i went and "hung out" in someone's (this guy named chris') room for the first time last week! i didn't know that was a thing people actually did. we just talked about music and mst3k and sean showed us charlie sheen autotuned and it was great

then today i judged a cookie bake-off, which took forever to start. so mostly i talked to sean and sarah about the party they went to at camille's last night, and how sarah is a great sister for lying to her mom when her sister went to hempfest in seattle.

then i went to pirates of penzance by myself, and after that chris and i watched the mst of warrior of the lost world on netflix. it was pretty great, i had never seen warrior of the lost world before and it was hysterical

mostly i think chris has been inviting me to do stuff because he has a crush on me. which is cool, except he's like 24 and why do older people always like me? it's kind of weird. not bad weird, because he's a cool guy (except for not liking musicals, who the fuck doesn't like musicals?), but just weird. it's kind of following the same pattern, too. again: not bad, just weird.

finals report: ugh i have my history final at 8:30 am on monday and my math final at 1 pm on tuesday. neither of which i am particularly prepared for. but i think i can work it out. i just don't waaaaant to stuuuuuudy it's so boooooring

i just want to play pokemon and eat hot pockets and nap which is basically what i'm doing anyway

i almost slept through dinner today

i want it to be next quarter now. endfair, finding out if i can go to new brunswick, declaring my french major, the canadian-american studies dinner/conference, gogol bordello, trying to go to a day of sakuracon, and finally.


just got pokemon black yesterday B)

i'm training outside nacrene town right now because i heard that the gym leader there was basically the new whitney

team at the moment:
Smugleaf the Snivy
Mr Muggles the Lillipup
Anahita the Panpour
Conrad the Woobat
Meallan the Blitzle
City Face the Pidove

i need to find a fighting pokemon or barring that just level up my team to bonecrushing levels in order to beat lenora

i fucking love it so far, it really reminds me of gsc because it feels like a real place i guess? hoenn and sinnoh always felt a little flat to me but i feel like johto and unova are both really well-developed


i want an americeagle so bad but it is not in black :( (and yes i know it's actually called braviary but i like americeagle better)

next thing they need to do is have a game set in washington, it would be so perfect and beautiful

volcano gym on mount st. helens, water/electric gym at the grand coulee dam, steel gym in bremerton, the starting town could be forks

pokemon aplets and cotlets

anyway black and white are amazing the end
ahahaha fuck yes i finally finished my huge spectrumlight character soundtrack that i started over a year ago

it ended up being 45 songs and almost 3 hours. i actually had to pare it down at points because i had TOO MANY songs for people like anya and erik

the two that were the hardest to pin down? liam and sophie, of all people. those little fuckers. i still don't feel like i completely captured sophie but i got her romance with johan which is basically her main thing


so maybe at some point i should actually write spectrumlight
i had the weirdest dream last night

it was like, first david bowie lived in the house across the street from mine for some reason? and i was friends with his daughter which doesn't make sense because his daughter is like eleven (haha maybe his daughter joined rainbow lolllll)

and i think i went on a road trip at some point which had nothing to do with bowie

but then i started dreaming about this big spaceship colony thing that was kind of like battlestar galactica i guess and it was really awesome and these people had to investigate a murder

and bowie was still there for some reason

and i'm not that big of a fan of his and i've never watched battlestar galactica so

i was just really confused

so i finally saw 500 days of summer today

more like

500 days of ladyboners

omg if it is possible to have a crush on someone by absolutely wanting to be them i have that envy-crush on zooey deschanel

she's so fucking perfect

and joseph gordon levitt

just what is there to say about him that hasn't already been said

and reid from criminal minds is in it? and chloe moretz (who's like my third least favorite actress behind kristen wiig and emmy rossum) is basically tolerable in it?

i need a copy of this movie like burning
i just took a nap and dreamed that homestuck ended because all the trolls died and i guess jack was going to defeat the kids?

and all the lands were buildings in this city and they were on fire so the kids had to jump on this train that was for some reason where the dead trolls were

and they went off to have another adventure all together and no one was crazy or evil or dead

in the dream i cried

then another mspadventure started and it was about these people who had to get on an invisible train to avoid getting murdered (although honestly it didn't make any sense, the people were just running towards the invisible train and vanishing so why didn't the murderers get on the train too? they obviously knew where it was because they were killing people right outside the train)

so i guess in my subconscious andrew hussie is obsessed with trains instead of horses

honestly i just have the weirdest dreams
Hey former TCC bros: Does anyone know where Lemony Snicket/ASOUE fans hang out these days? I mean besides 667, I know there. Are there other actual communities now or has the fandom kind of dried up?

Man I miss TCC. And the old days of the fandom. :(

I kind of want to start a blog where I reread the series with an adult perspective (in the vein of those Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High blogs, but probably slightly less snarky), but I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in reading it.

lol I'm declaring my first major this afternoon and I'm spending my morning talking about my favorite books from when I was ten


christmas: lights
liike two dude2 on doublebutler ii2land

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